Everglades National Park Sea Kayak Eco Tours

• Coastal Everglades – 10,000 Islands
• Dolphin, Manatee, Osprey, Egrets
• Outdoors & Socially Distanced (Policy - Click Here)
• PRIVATE and Shared Tours
• 3 and 6 Hr. Tours by Reservations
• From $119.95/Adult; $89.95/Child



Right in Naples’s and Marco Island’s backyard is an UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most unique ecosystems on the Planet … Everglades National Park. It has been said, "The Everglades are a test. If we pass, we can keep the planet" There is only one Everglades. image

Led by Florida Master Naturalists, these kayak eco tours depart daily into the beautiful 10,000 Islands of the coastal Everglades. This part of Everglades National Park is the habitat of manatees, dolphin, sea turtles, ospreys, eagles, rays, sharks and vast numbers of wading and shore birds. 


The Park offers many paddling opportunities and routes. We may paddle to a bird rookery colonized by hundreds of wading birds. We may be able to paddle with playful dolphins or feeding manatees. Often, we will paddle to an ancient Calusa Indian shell midden or paddle with the tidal currents up a river to view endangered roseate spoonbills or small-toothed sawfish.


Dolphin and manatee tend to inhabit open water areas. As such, we normally use traditional sea kayaks on these tours. Single and double sea kayaks are available on every three and six-hour experience. The six-hour tour is preferred by the more “serious” paddlers, as it can, obviously, be more strenuous.

If you are interested in a Multi-Day Kayak Camping Experience, please visit us here.

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