Dedicated to the experiential education of students, families and travelers from Florida, the Americas and the World. Only through education, do we have the opportunity to preserve the Everglades, its culture and its heritage. Don "Woodkayaker" McCumber is a Florida Master Naturalist who has been kayaking in SW Florida for over 25 years. Don brings all of his knowledge and experience to Everglades Area Tours guiding multiple-night kayak camping trips and kayaking day experiences. A member of several local kayak clubs, he has led many trips, organized "Kayak Camping 101" to help introduce new kayak campers to wilderness camping and helped organize the "No Motor Angler's Club", a kayak fishing club that now boasts of having more than 300 members in and around SW Florida.

Don is the Captain of Diana Nyad's kayak team assisting in her goal of swimming from Cuba to Florida. He is a passionate nature lover, with a broad-based knowledge of the local ecosystems. Those who have been on trips with Don, can attest to the fact that he has many stories to tell about his adventures and encounters with the wildlife of the Everglades, and beyond. Around the campfire, Don loves to share stories about the experiences that he and his kayak camping guests share. Each of his trips are photo- documented and shared with his guests. He is a good camp chef, preparing hearty meals, from vegan dishes, to crab cakes, cajun boils, and more - just sit back, let Don do the cooking, and enjoy. You won't go hungry on one of his camping trips!

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